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What are Lostkin?

Lostkin are what I call Otherkin who haven't got any memories, or abilities from their Otherkin heritage.

What are Otherkin?

Otherkin are the supernatural among us. They are the elves, dragons, nymphs, and trolls that used to live more openly amoung humankind. Some are from other dimensions and other places. You may occasionally see them refered to as Otherkind. Otherkin is the more generally accepted term.

So what is the Lostkin Project?

The project has been set up in an attempt to bring the Lostkin more fully to themselves. Our goal is to discover reliable and repeatable methods of Awakening our true selves.


Awakening is generally applied to the process of reclaiming memories of other lives, and/or powers generally attributed to the Fae.

What can I do to help?

You can join our discussion list which is hosted by Yahoo! Groups. It is lostkinproject@yahoogroups.com. You can subscribe to our list by visiting YahooGroups.

Why the webpage?

For one, it allows us to more fully explain the purpose of the list. The primary reason is to provide us a place to publish our results. Here you can find rituals, symbols, and anything else we discover that is effective in bringing forth Otherkin.

Where can I find more information on Otherkin?

All the pages I can find, as well as mailing lists are located on our links page.

What about those resources you mentioned?

The resources can be reached by going to our techniques page.

Anything else you haven't mentioned?

Well, recently someone set up an IRC chat channel for lostkin to just generally get together and talk.
#Lostkin can be found on the Darkmyst IRC network
The server to use is irc.darkmyst.org

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