The Lostkin Project : Techniques

Our techniques so far are listed in six categories:
General Memory Enhancement
Dream Work
Gate Work

We also have been granted access to several articles on Awakening. These articles may be found here.
General Memory Techniques
A message Eyovah posted to awakenings.
>Can i ask a question of those who do have memories of past/other lives?
>How is it that you find these memories? Are they just there in the back of
>your mind? Did they come to you in your dreams? Meditating? Astral travel?
>In your art?
All of your questions are answers themselves. All ways work. Some work better for others. I would also add,...energy healing, past life regressions (do it self or with otherkin, or someone who believe in suchthough...). Also being around other magical beings, otherkin, or doing energy work tends to evoke more memories too. Some may say to read stories and such, ...but here is where I disagree with them. Reading a story can cloud your mind,...is the "memory" a true memory or is it influenced by the story. For example,...I've never read any Atlantis stuff, but I have specific memories and that I am more sure about. I've then confirmed it with people who have read about it, but still refuse to read it, so that I can remember the rest without wondering if it is mine or the book. Someday, I will read the material and see if it matches what I said or may or may not trigger more memories.

The other trick is not to paint the picture the way you wish it to be. Or to paint it with all your fears either. The trick is to view any situation as a 3rd person observer...not actually caring what the story is,but just wanting to know the story.

When someone asks me to use my intuition on a situation, the less I am personally involved, the better I can tell you, otherwise I have to make myself be 3rd person. So I have a personal bullshi# meter. If you tell me/ask me something, I really don't care what your story is, but can tell you if it is true or not. (Generally people don't like to hear their story is false, so usually don't comment unless asked). My advice is do the same with memories,..check with yourself or have someone else, does it ring true or is it affected by your state of mind.

A message sent in by Sileniel
On Awakening to your inner nature & helping memories surface:
The most important thing in this endeavor for me has been to look inside. When I was beginning to discover my inner self, & when I was trying to figure out what my natural abilities & ways of flowing magic are, I prayed to the Lady. Always her answer was the same:
"Remember what it says in the Charge of the Goddess:That which you do not find within you, you will not find without you. Ignore your books & whatever you have learned from outside sources. Look within. All the answers are inside, you just have to still yourself & listen."

Looking within is the surest way to get to know yourself. With that said, the Lostkin project, list & web page are also very valuable to these innerquests. It is invaluable to share your sucesses, and to encourage one another. To many of us, connection is important, and will catalyze the Awakening process, memories surfacing & the recall of abilities.

One technique that I discovered that helped myself & others to remember times when the two of us were together, I will share now. I have only tried this with two people in each working, it may work with larger groups. Too large a group may make the working unfocused, feel free to experiment tho.
First create a temporary bond, I did this by having the person I was working with & myself infuse a glass of water (slightly altered with a drop of something else, be it fruit juice, wine, etc) and then drinking the water. (Feel free to substitute known ways of connecting yourself with someone else, the important thing is to be very connected to them for the working).

Next, sit facing each other & hold hands with the person. This seemed to work best for me and felt most natural when our arms formed a figure eight (also the sign of infinity).

If you have a shared memory, mention it and bring that into your mind. Don't try to focus on it, just hold it there and it will unfold. If you have no specific starting memory to work from, just still yourselves, and intend together to remember a time when you were together. Memories should surface of their own accord, do not try to force them.
Other than that, there are general techniques that are helpful. Meditation is a very useful tool for inner discoveries of any kind. Physically being around other Sulyendi (Otherkin in the Silver Elves' language) can bring memories & inner knowledge to the fore. Learning to trust your intuition & non-physical senses is also very important.

Most of all, believe in one's self & listen to one's self. When you do, you will find your inner self joyfully sharing it's secrets.

Eyovah got this from another list.
>from "Shaman il-de SaintGermain"

Take a dark coloured bowl (it must be dark on the inside) and fill it with water. Get yourself comfort sitting on the floor or bed or the ground outside. Relax, calm down and gaze at the water. Think of the water moving and flowing, then think of the flow and ebb of time. Looking into, not at the water is important here. As you do this think back along this lifetime. let your memories flow backward. Don't try to concentrate on them, just watch them flow as if they were flickering through the water in the bowl. Watch them move farther and farther back and do not, I repeat, do not allow yourself to place a limit on them as they flow. If you do you will likely hit the begining of this life and move no further. Let them flow as they will and only just take in what you see, don't attempt to analyze until afterwards. as the vision flows back just keep thinking "Before", or "Earlier", or something along those lines. Let your mind go so that you can stop thinking of yourself as the body you are in and the life you have had here. It may take some time,it may not work at all, but at the very least you should get some interesting impressions from the visions in the bowl. It's a start anyway.

This whole technique is an ancient form of mirror gazing,divining the past, present or future from the depths of the mirror. In Ancient time the mirror was a bowl, painted dark on the inside and filled with water.

Found by Aewyn on the web.
If you are pagan, or open to a more "ritualized" method of allowing your memories to surface, here is a ritual for you:

Begin with a bath. In your bathwater add a few drops of lilac (divination, clairvoyance) oil.

On a table (or your alter) set up three candles. One white (truth,wholeness), pink (spiritual awakening), and blue (truth). Place a mirror on the table directly in front of you so that you can look into it easily from where you're sitting. Place a black (protection) candle between yourself and the mirror.

Burn frankincense (meditation, visions, energy) and dragon's blood(protection) incense. Breath the scented smoke and allow your mind to clear. Gaze into the mirror and allow thoughts and images to come into your mind. This takes practice to be able to enter in to the correct frame of mind. Often memories are buried in our consiousnesses or souls,and one must unlearn a lot of prejudices before they allow those memories to surface.

Dream Working
Found by Marel on another list.
>From Peregrine:- TEKTITES

Well, this crystal is not for the faint hearted to use on their dreams. A Tektite, for those who don't know, is a molten black looking stone and is the result of a meteorite strike and is essential the fused, molten stone of Earth and the meteorite. It is by no means a pretty stone, yet when I saw it in the shop it was incredibly compelling and I bought it without really knowing exactly what it was or did. I soon discovered that is a very dynamic stone and appears to push through long standing blocks.

I put it under my pillow and I had incredibly vivid and active dreams, alot of action. Not all of these were things I think I would have chosen to face, but there was a definite start to finish progression, and the appearance of a more than average quantity of "other realm" figures; animals, various coloured dragons, a unicorn one time...and a red griffen...(that was very nice). I then discovered, having hit the books, that the reputed qualities of the tektite are to swiftly break down internal barriers and blocks, to facilitate connections with guardian spirits and to provide strength and determination of purpose. It is nots as gentle as smokey quartz by a longshot, but if you have a long standing dream problem it would definitely be the crystal to get to push through the barrier. However, a warning from my own experience; the first time it was under my pillow, I woke up feeling as if someone had been scrubbing out the inside of my head! Now, I have become accustomed to it, I find it very useful to take into demanding situations of any kind, dreams or otherwise, to enable me to push through to the desired result.

A tektite is a pretty exciting dreamers stone!

Sweet Dreams.

Rialian created this and presented it on the Elven-Realities mailing list.
===The idea behind this project/working is that Cyberspace is a realm in and of itself, made up pretty much of abstraction and information. The Cybergate would be a sort of energetic gateway that would make it more likely for anyone to find the sort of information that resonates with them.

Essentially, what I am hoping it will do is make information that is pertinent to the individual using it more easily found, by seting up a field that helps amplify that inner "pull" and bring information to the person, rather than have the person have to go to the ends of the earth to get this little bit or that half-truth.

===I have obtained a graphic which may assist as a focus for this working.....What I intend to do is set it up on a web-site, charge it up,and see what happens. It will be activated by someone going ot the site, focusing on the graphic (it is of a gate), and meditating on what they wish to find out.....the resonance created should work for a while, and it is hoped that there will be a hightened degree of synchronicity for the user in relation to insights along the lines of inquiry, and of information "just showing up" unexpectedly...and perhaps better luck finding information online.

Rialian's Cybergate is up and functioning.

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