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Otherkin Gatherings
Dancing The Endless Dream
"Dancing the Endless Dream, is a Sayuneldi (Otherkin) oriented camping-retreat being held in Texas. All Sayuneldi (and friends, partners, lovers, spouses etc.) are invited and welcome!"
Walking the Thresholds
I understand that prior Walking the Thresholds events have been wonderful to attend.
If you know of any other gatherings, then pleaseEmail me.
Otherkin Mailing Lists and Forums (Information links) Most of these are on YahooGroups.
  • Alterworlds
    "..mainly intended for those who are hosted, or channeled, or otherwise brought into this reality."
  • Australian Otherkin
    "..created as a place for all otherkin ... in Australia to come together...."
  • Awakening Outgrowth
    "To discuss anything related to Awakening as Otherkin."
  • Blessed-Beings
    "Our purpose is to bring together any otherkin or otherworld beings."
  • Crimson Krystal
    "To bring together the otherkin and vampire communities in a spirit of peace that should always exist."
  • Dark-Protection
    "Vampires, witches, fae, elves, otherkin, or anyone else are all welcomed here."
  • Elenari Paths
    "..discuss rememberings and spirit paths for those Otherkin who remember the various Elenari worlds...."
  • Elenari-and-Friends
    "..dedicated to bringing the Elenari community together and any friends that are interested."
  • Elf Help
    "..open to elves, fae, dragons, goblins, dwarves, axe murderers, humans and others who are dedicated to the pursuit of self-development...."
  • Elf Magick
    "Explore the forgotten magicks ov thee elder races."
  • Elf Majik
    "Explore the forgotten magicks ov thee elder races."
  • Elf We Are
    "..a gathering place for all of us who would consider ourselves elves, of one sort or another."
  • Elfinkind Digest
    "The first mailing list on the net for elves and others of the 'otherkind,'...."
  • Elven-Realities
    "..to explore ideas on what it is to be 'Elven'."
  • Faeri Domain
    "..a place where all who are Fae'Ri, Otherkin, or who feel their magic around them are welcome to discuss their spiritual path...."
  • Fae Mirror
    "..for the discussion of magic, reality, and other matters relevant to interdimensional beings or work."
  • Furry Kin
    "..for furries to talk about and explore thier otherkin-ness."
  • Kin Frontiers
    "This is for the real hard-core stuff."
  • Kin Gathering Forum
    "To discuss upcoming Otherkin Gatherings."
  • Kinnecting YG
    "..an Otherkin research, resource and networking community."
  • Kin Things
    "..writing songs, music,poetry, relevent stories, dreams, visions...."
  • Lunar Wolves
    "..for people who believe that they are Werewolves or other creatures of the night...."
  • Mixed Kin
    "For those who feel that they are or have been more than one kind of otherkin,...."
  • New Kin
    "..basic, most fundamental level of otherkin list you can find."
  • Not Human
    "..for otherkin, vampires, psycics, weres, magi, fae, and anyone friendly to such."
  • OPARaN
    "Occult/Pagan/Alternative Resources and Network --KC - Lawrence - Topeka area."
  • Otherground
    "This is a place where they don't have to be silent anymore."
  • Otherkin
    "..a generic mid-level otherkin list."
  • Otherkin Cafe
    "..a silly Otherkin list."
  • Otherkind-Hosts
    "Disscussions between and about people who have more than one mind per body, of which one or more is not entirely human."
  • Otherkin Reiki
    "..people who are willing to explore and stretch the boundaries of Reiki,...."
  • Otherkin-Theology
    "..to give Otherkin a place to discuss the effect Awakening has had on their religious beliefs."
  • Otherkin's Hangout
    "A haven for the Otherkin community."
  • The Raven Grove
    "..an open gathering place to Otherkin of all race, creed and belief."
  • Sidhelist
    "..*private* mailing list of limited (50) subscribers...."
  • TirNanOc
    "..mailing list for Kindred Folke of all kinds, be they Human or Fae in spirit."
  • True Wyrm
    "..it is my hope to provide a haven for Dragons alone at this time."
  • UK Otherkin
    "This list is a forum for Otherkin who live in the United Kingdom"
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